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Do you accept checks?
How long will it take this kids magic kit to get to me?
What is your return policy?
How many tricks will my child learn from this kids magic kit?
Can I call you to order my kids magic kit over the phone with my CC?
Is your online check out secure?
Tell me more about the Dr. Toy Award

Do you accept checks?
We do accept checks as payment for the Amazing Kids Magic Kit. To pay via personal check or money order, click the Order Now button and complete the online check out. Be sure to choose check or money order as your form of payment on the online order page.
**Personal checks are held for 14 business days before I ship your Amazing Kids Magic Kit.**

How long will it take for the Amazing Kids Magic Kit to get to me?
The Amazing Kids Magic Kit ships out within 48 hours of recieving payment (except Weekends and holidays).

It ships out either via USPS Priority Mail, USPS Parcel Post or FedEx Ground/Home Delivery depending on your location and the weight of your order. USPS normally takes 2-7 days to arrive (not guraranteed) and FedEx is normally up to 5 days.
*Orders outside the USA are shipped via airmail and will take longer to arrive.

What is your return policy?
I offer a 100% satsifaction guarantee (but I don't refund any shipping and handling or return shipping costs), when you return the magic kit within 7 days of recieving the kit.

After 7 days, returns can be made within 30 days of recieving the kids magic kit, however there is a 20% restocking fee and I don't refund any shipping (or return shipping) and handling charges. The magic kit must be returned with all parts, or additional replacement charges will apply.

Please email me for the return shipping address and what info to include.

All defective items will be replaced with a new working one.

How many magic tricks will my kid learn from this kids magic kit?
This kids magic kit will teach your kids 22 different magic tricks and gags!

Can I call you and place an order over the phone with my credit card?
Yes! You can order your Amazing Kids Magic Kit over the phone. To do this simply pick up the phone and call my secure, toll free voice mail at 1-888-362-0813 ext 4

Is your online check out secure?
The check out pages where you enter your credit card number is secure. When you visit those pages you will notice that the "http" in the websites address will change to "https" and a lock will appear at the bottom of your browsers window.

The lock and the "https" assures you that your information is secure. To view the SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate click the icon below.

  Tell me more about the Dr. Toy award:
This kids magic kit won the 2003 Best Vacation Toy Award from Dr. Toy.

"The products Dr. Toy has selected provide children with experiences to help them learn during the summertime. There are great products to take along and use on a trip, and to explore once you arrive at your destination. These are products that will give children plenty of things to do if you're staying at home.

Summertime should be about fun and learning, testing limits and learning new skills. These products provide children with creative activities. They will stimulate them with a whole range of new skills."

The above quote is from Dr. Toy's website.


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