Amazing Kids Magic Kit

Here's What Other Parents Have to Say about the Amazing Kids Magic Kit:

"The kit is well worth the money it costs. My 7 year old grandson is delighted with it. We watched the video and he was able to do several tricks as soon as he watched it. After watching the video, he was also able to understand that presentation is a large part of magic. The extra booklet that came with the kit was especially helpful and provided several quick tricks."
Gayla Fornea

" Excellent for getting the kids to use there imagination & Intellect for the tricks in the kit & also to think of new ones on there own."
John Doyle

" Good clean fun for all kids."
John Berg

"The entire experience from ordering to recieving and then enjoying the product was amazing!!!!!!! "
Tracie Williams

"...It is a great way to get your child started. The DVD instructional video is a great way for a child to learn. The kit is also a great way to spend time with your child."
Stepen Guenther

"This is a wonderful kit and became my six year old's favorite Christmas gift. He loves the kit and has great fun putting on shows for us. The DVD really helps him get through the routines. Shipping was super fast- I ordered about 10 days before Christmas and had the kit within four days of order!"
Salena Anderson

" It is a great starter kit! The video is very fun for kids to watch other kids."
Joyce Ortner

"I looked at several kits before making my choices and as a starter kit, the Amazing Magic Kit offered the best selection for the price to allow my son to start to get into the basics of magic and for a seven year old to succeed with his use of it. He puts on magic shows for the family now."
Margaret Evans

"It's a great kit with easy to perform tricks and the best part is that it came with a fun video to help your child learn how to do the tricks."
Arien Christopher

"I think this magic kit is very kid friendly....espeically because of the neat d.v.d. ...and the tricks are fairly easy to learn."
Chad Wheeler

"My grandaughter was really excited about this gift. She is 7 and really unerstood the DVD. She shows her new tricks to everyone. Great gift for young children"
Patrica Ammerman

"My grandson is 5 years old is understanding how do the tricks and is loving it."
Denise Wendel

"Good for a beginner."
Kristine Martin

"The video that came with the kit was great. It made my child very eager and ready to learn the tricks because she saw the other kids doing it."

"The "Amazing Magic Kit" was fun and easy to use!"
Donnell Liles

"My grandson really enjoyed it"
Beverly Warner

"This magic kit was even better than expected. The tricks were easy to learn and has provided our Sammy hours of entertainment."
Kerrin Swecker

"My daughter got this kit from Santa. She loved it. We all watched the video and practiced the tricks together. It was great that the kids show other kids how to do the tricks."
Cynthia Havens

"I bought the kit for my godson, and within two days, I got a call from his mom telling me that he was already putting on magic shows for the family. He loves it, and my Christmas gift was a hit!!!"
Janessa Murphy

"Great for young kids to get started!"
Craig Dougherty

"It's super easy to understand and learn snd it's Fun to play with."
Kenneth Wilson

"Nice idea for a gift"

" My son loves it and is already planning on doing magic tricks at the school's talent show."
Shane King

"It's a great starter kit and within a few minutes we were doing a few of the tricks and having fun..."
Carl Gamberdella

"My nephew is having a blast! He loves it."
Allison Bloom

"I got the magic kit for my 8 year old nephew's Christmas present. He has been totally engaged for days now; it is his favorite gift! I'm on the very top of my sister-in-law's good list right now! Perfect fit for a bright 8 year old boy!"
Anabelle Kania

"I purchased this for my nephew. It was that best thing. he absolutely loved it. The dvd made it easy for him to pick it up really quick. since then he's been preforming for the whole family....Thanks very much."
A Delgado

"This is the perfect starter magic kit for a child whose curiosity is turning to magic tricks."
Jerry Rodems

"The DVD was was a good starter kit!"
Belinda Hsu

"Good idea. nice kit. all-inclusive...nice to buy magic kit but these instructions make it easier for the child to learn and enjoy!"
Liz Clark

"The video is great and the tricks are easy for the kids to do...Our kid really liked it."
Marcella Charles

"The kit was for my young granddaughter who has displayed an interest in majic and was very excited to receive the gift. She already known several of the tricks and is working on all of them. I would recommend the kit for other kids just starting out. Thank you."
Bruce Moore

"I gave this to my 7 year old grandson for Hanukah.He couldn't wait to bring it to school to show his teacher and classmates. He was very enthusiastic."
Barbara Allen

"It's a great kids gift"

"Out of all the gifts my daughter got for Christmas, she wouldn't stop showing us magic tricks. She couldn't wait until company came over to vist so she could put on a show. It's a great gift."
Gregory Coach

"I like how it is directed to children and taught by children. A great gift idea!"
Carolyn Basile

"This was for niece who is in N.C. and I am in N.Y. , she opened it for her birthday yesterday and loved it. She was very happy."
Katharine Hicks

"Great kit for kids interested in learning magic."
Tom Kirk

"Buy this kit! It's amazing! Easy to learn. Your child will be thrilled."
Amelia West

"My 9-year-old, pretty sophisticated grandson thinks it's great. I think this is going to be a significant addition to his "list" of hobbies!"
Barbara Walters

"My grandchild was thrilled with the kit. She had previously shown an interest in attempting to do some very simple tricks for us. She started to use it immediately and watched the video to perfect her technique. She is eight years old and can't wait to show us her new magic tricks."
Jane Cohen

"Great starter kit for a young one. Directions are fairly easy to follow. Enough tricks to get a kid excited about magic."
Michael McCall

"It is a good starter kit. I gave it to a five year old and the video is helpful."
Juanita I Hammett

"It was put together well and fit the age bracket it was intended for. A good value."
Daniel Miller

"My kids have had a great time with the Magic Kit. They love doing magic shows for everyone!"
Shaun Burch

"A great gift for kids interested in learning some magic tricks. The child friendly dvd really sets this kit apart from other magic sets!"
Aubrey Williams

"My 7 year old son enjoyed his kit very much. He entertained the family on Christmas day. I added the easy magic set with the order (the rope trick, coin tray and ball trick) . . . was perfect for him to 'perform' for everyone. Thank you."
Michelle Mangner

"Not compicated for children easy for them to do the tricks."
Charles Beach

" This gift was for my 9 yr. old grandson. He and his parents have been sitting down and working on some of the tricks and have enjoyed it."
GM Klocko

"a great gift for any future magician"
Lori Norris

"Good starter kit."
Marlys Swendra

"it is a great thing for the kids, mine loves it and was able to learn the tricks easily. The kids teaching kids format is great!! Thanks so much"
Deb Shirkey

"I bought your Amazing Magic Kit for my son and he loves it! ...the DVD really made it easy for him to learn!" Mary Reichelt, Columbia Heights, MN

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"We gave it to our child for Christmas. He was excited and loved it! He is currently learning the tricks!" Doug Hardin

"Great kit for a child just learning to do magic tricks" Renee Dukeshire

"It made the perfect Christmas gift!" Antonia L. Stickley

"...a fun way to spend quality time with my kid..." Ron Lentz

"Nice for little wannabe magicians!" Johanna Barrows

"Very...Very...Cool!" Donna S.

"Perfect for any little magician" Yolanda

"Put his magic right to use!" Laura Raney

"...great kit. Everything needed for a beginner!" Stephen Dombroski

"My daughter loves it, has been playing with it ever since she opened it!" Paul Hacker

"My son just came here from the Ukraine and he really got into learning the tricks!" Darryl Tesla

"They loved it...Just right for the budding magician" Chiquita Pearson

"Great starter kit for young magicians" Julian Burnett

"If your child is into magic this is a great way for them to have fun." Sandra McGinnis

"Great first magic kit for kids"
Jen Quimby

"It's a great beginner kit for a youngerchild. There is a varietyof exciting things for them to experiment and have fun with." Dory

"Thank you for your prompt shipping - the Magic kit was sent to Brooklyn to my nephew, who, from what I have heard, has not stopped playing with it." K. Orr

"I think it is a great gift for any child. My 8 year old loves it!!" Jan Cummings

"I ordered this for my neice who was expecting a magic kit. At first she was reserved, but now she loves it. The DVD really helped make the difference." Debbie Wells

"My grandson (9) was so excited when he opened this kit. He started reading & and cheking it out right in the middle of all the (Christmas) mess. I think it is going to supply many hours of fun." Linda Pendleton

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