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Hello, my name is Louie Foxx and I am the owner of Let me tell you a little bit about me and the company. In September of 2005, I took over the Amazing Kids Magic Kit from its former owner the Walrus Factory.

In addition to running this website, I am also a full-time professional magician that specializes in performing magic shows for kids. I perform all across the pacific northwest (Washington, Oregon and Idaho).

The kids magic shows that I perform are presented in Theaters, at elementary school assemblies (, and at kids birthday parties in the Seattle area (

After the magic shows that I do for kids I was constantly asked by parents, "What is the best kids magic kit for my child to learn to do magic tricks?"

The magic set that I would recommend was the Amazing Magic Kit (which was being made by a company called The Walrus Factory). Parents would get the kids magic kit, and they would learn to do the magic tricks quickly. The feedback from the parents about this kids magic kit was amazing...the parents and kids loved it!

Then in about June of 2005, I started hearing from parents that the Amazing Kids Magic Kit was no longer available, and if I had another recommendation for a kids magic kit. So I went out and tried out the other magic sets that were on the market, but none of them compared to the Amazing Kids Magic Kit.

Then one day I decided to call the Walrus Factory to ask them why they weren't making the magic kit anymore. The owner had decided the retire, and the remaining kits were going to the dump later that month.

I told the owner of the Walrus Factory that I believed in his kids magic kit so much that I would like to buy out the remaining kids magic kits. To make a long story slightly shorter I put my money were my mouth was, and saved this great kids magic kit from extinction!

Have a great day,

Louie Foxx
P.S. I've started a blog where you can learn more about the best ways for your kids to learn magic tricks. Click here to read articles about learning magic tricks that I've written, specials that I'm offering on the Amazing Kids Magic Kit and more!



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